Don’t Bury Your Head in the Sand!

Do you operate a single “owner” or member limited liability company (LLC)? Thinking of forming a multi-member LLC? Either way, you’re likely to have questions about how your business is, or will be, taxed.

Here’s what you need to know.

How Big Is It?

How big is your business? This seems to be the questions all entrepreneurs are asking. The question is not typically so direct. Instead you might hear, how many employees do you have or where do you office? If your company is worth $500,000 or maybe even $1,000,000 what does it matter if you are still […]

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Professional Accounting Help for Small Business

Reasons to Use Professional help as a Small Business Many small business owners are experts in their field. They have built their businesses from the ground up, painstakingly learning how to build a website or operate accounting software as their business grows. But as a company grows, it may be time to outsource certain specialized […]