How Big Is It?

How big is your business?

Big Data
This seems to be the questions all entrepreneurs are asking. The question is not typically so direct. Instead you might hear, how many employees do you have or where do you office? If your company is worth $500,000 or maybe even $1,000,000 what does it matter if you are still living paycheck to paycheck?It seems the question we should be asking instead is How Healthy Is It?

Is Your Monster Killing Your Dream

Let me guess, you started your business with the dream of never living paycheck to paycheck again. You wanted to experience freedom from debt. If you are like the majority of entrepreneur’s it didn’t take long before you realized, you had created “The Monster”. This is no small monster hiding only under your bed. This monster sits in your office chair and runs your business. Eating all of the money the minute it comes in. It seems no matter how big the next project is there will never be enough money coming in to cover the massive amount of money constantly going out. WAIT! You are a dreamer. So the next big sale/contract/project will FINALLY put you over the hump. Until it happens again and you realize the vicious cycle never ends!

A Solution You Can Implement

There is a solution! Not only is there is a solution, it is EASY and will transform the life of your business IMMEDIATELY! It does not matter if you have been in business 6 months or 6 years. It does not matter if you have $200 in the bank or -$200. Once you understand how GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles), a method formulized in the early 1900’s is killing your business and begin to apply a simple new concept that works with the nature of who we are as humans, you will instantly change the profitability and health of your business.

Profit First is an easy methodology to understand and use. We are changing the lives of business owners 1% of profit at a time!

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