Belief, Boldness, BIG Blessings

24 men and women share their testimonies and empower you to take bold actions to receive BIG blessings

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Veronica Ray

Each phase of life comes with unexpected challenges and outcomes that test our faith and make us question our values and willpower, therefore altering our perspective moving forward. What is most important to remember during these times is that God has a plan for each of us, and as long as we trust in Him, we will forever feel empowered to take bold actions and receive big blessings.

In her second work, Ranelli Williams is joined by twenty-three men and women who overcame personal, professional, and educational struggles, and now share their journeys with the hope that you will triumph as well. Grouped into four sections—business valiance, doctoral feats, courageous adventures, and bold rediscoveries—this book provides an all-encompassing source of inspiration for any trial you may face during your walk of faith.

Belief, Boldness, BIG Blessings is not only a compilation of liberalizing stories, but also a celebration of the human mind and how we can accomplish anything with God as our strength.